Friday, May 10, 2013

All Tory and Labour MPs at Transport Committee meeting back Heathrow expansion - only Lib Dem votes no

Only Lib Dem MP Adrian Sanders voted against yesterday's Transport Select Committee report which supported expanding Heathrow airport with a third and even potentially a fourth runway.  This would of course lead to even more noise and air pollution along the flightpaths, including for areas in the south of Ealing borough which are not on the current flightpaths.

The MPs who voted for the report were Conservatives Steve Baker, Kwasi Kwarteng, Karen Lumley, Karl McCartney and Iain Stewart and the only Labour MP who turned up Graham Stringer.  There were no abstentions.

Well done to Adrian Sanders for being consistent with longstanding Liberal Democrat policy against any airport expansion in the South East.  The existing London airports have sufficient capacity to meet future needs if we shift passengers from domestic air travel to rail, including by the construction of HS2.  This will free up slots for international flights to more destinations with no need for additional runways or terminals.

Here in Ealing, the Conservatives in particular often grandstand on their supposed opposition to Heathrow expansion.  They would be better advised to spend their time persuading their party colleagues to vote the right way.

Campaigning against Heathrow expansion with
Lib Dem South East European Parliament candidate Dinti Batstone