Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello (again)

Following lots of requests from a few people, especially Jennie, Toran, Helen and Mat, I'm resurrecting my blog. The point they made was that I've been writing Facebook notes and posted items that are effectively blog posts so I've been persuaded by popular demand to drag myself blinking and stretching from the cozy burrow that is Facebook back into the blogosphere.

Let's see how it goes.


Helen Duffett said...

Hooray - Glad your blog's back!

Jon Ball said...

Thanks, Helen!

Jennie Rigg said...

* sets up feed syndication *

Post something interesting on Saturday or Sunday and I'll link you from Liberal conspiracy.

MatGB said...

Testing a commment as people seem to be having problems.

Jon, Jennie's semi-joking point about moderation on the FB thread is something I actually worry about. There's a legal angle--if moderation is not enabled then it counts as a forum, anything defamatory said in it is slander and the poster is responsible.

If moderation is enabled, then you are publishing everything, if you let something through that's defamatory, you are liable and it's libel, not slander.

Letting a free-for-all and deleting crap if it's OTT or reported to you as problematic is the safest legal approach with the current state of the UK law, as I understand it.

Just, y'know, a heads up--entirely your choice, of course ;-)

Now all you need to do is update the blog template, overhaul the frontpage, put a stream of the headlines from here and your twitter stream, dump the godawful dated frameset, destroy the damaging drop down navigation box (which Google can barely read) and make the site look like it was designed at some point since the year 2002.

Alternatively you could hire a good freelancer who's a bit skint right now to do it for you, I come cheap y'know...

Meh, welcome the the 21st century y'old git ;-)

Jon Ball said...

Thanks, Jennie. Will try to do so for some value of the word interesting.

Jon Ball said...

Mat, following your comment and Jennie's (private) one, I've switched comment moderation off. The only problem I've had in the past has been spam comments but there only seems to have been one of those in a number of months and if it starts happening again I'll just switch on word verification.

Incidentally, slander is verbal while libel is written, so it would be libel in either case (and in any case there is no difference in seriousness between those two forms of defamation) but I take your central point about who is considered to be responsible for publishing it!

Re the rest of your comments, as I've said unmpteen times, the website you're referring to isn't meant to be a political site. The current political stuff will either be on this blog or the Ealing Lib Dems site. So no work for a freelancer, I'm afraid!

MatGB said...

Fair enough--you need to fix the frameset though--follow an external link from it you'll see what I mean.

Incidentally, your legal interpretation is out of date--bulletin board discussions, which likely include blog comments boxes but not blog posts, are discussions, and have been ruled slander recently:

There needs to be a test case to be sure it applies to blogs, but the best interpretations I've had out of people wot know this stuff are that comments boxes should be covered by that case.

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