Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Glenkerrin in rent-a-mob swoop on Town Hall

I heard just before 4pm that there were already people queuing up for tickets to the public gallery for tonight's controversial planning application to plonk a totally out of place 26-storey skyscraper opposite Ealing Broadway station.

I thought that queuing up 3 hours before the meeting starts didn't sound like the laid back Ealing style and my suspicions were proved right... it turns out that these early birds are employees of consultants paid by the developers behind the scheme, Glenkerrin. Packing the public gallery with paid stooges is a very clever tactic - albeit somewhat underhand - but it does rather prove the point that the only people that will be cheering the Glenkerrin speakers tonight will be the people they pay to do so!


Anonymous said...

"Packing the public gallery with paid stooges is a very clever tactic - albeit somewhat underhand"

Especially if the space in the public gallery is limited to the extent that there isn't enough room for all the local residents who might wish to attend

Jon Ball said...

Indeed. The public gallery is very small, which is why a video and audio feed is being provided to the Queens Hall underneath for an overflow audience.

But if the developer grabs the spaces in the gallery, then the impression the councillors will get from the gallery's reaction to the speakers is that the public favour the scheme regardless of how many angry residents are shouting at a video screen in a different room!

Jennie said...

the swines!

Fred said...
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Arthur Breens said...

Queue started to form at 2:30 when the ambient temperature was barely 6 degrees centigrade. Clearly people were prepared to put up with this hardship for quite some time. Why was this? How could the committee staff have allowed non residents to fill the gallery? Who was their Father Christmas? Why didn't the police arrest the officers who had miscounted the consultation papers or the portfolio holder who was in charge of this charade for he was only yards away in the Queens Hall.

Jon Ball said...

To be fair, Arthur, I think arrests would be a bit over the top, but it was certainly an underhand tactic. Thanks for reading my blog and have a happy new year!

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