Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boris has failed Ealing

The decision letter signed by Boris yesterday has just winged its way into by inbox. Despite massive local objections, he has failed to use his powers to direct refusal of the Arcadia development.

I can't say I'm surprised. As I said at the Save Ealing Centre meeting on Tuesday,"The efforts to lobby the Mayor to say 'no' are worthwhile, but I am afraid that my faith in the likelihood of him interceding is limited. We can't just leave it to Boris!"

But I am disappointed. Earlier this week the Mayor flexed his planning muscles by refusing a central London scheme on the grounds that the developers didn't make a contribution to Crossrail. Why couldn't he have used those same powers to save Ealing from the utterly inappropriate development by Glenkerrin which is right across the road from Ealing Broadway station, which will be a Crossrail station?


Anonymous said...

No Jon Ealing has failed Ealing. You really tried hard to save her. We now have Article 1 of the Council Constitution Paras 1.03 5and 7. With these I hope to get back into the loop again. We pay our Council Tax and we vote at our peril every 4 years but councillors are still accountable in between times. The Constitutuion means they have to stand up and be counted. Arthur

Anonymous said...

Boris kicked it into touch and GoL batted it back. I'm not sure that I am talking about an enquiry or an inquiry.But hey I'm not bothered (Am I bovvered?)because I'm still recovering from my party. You thought it was all over didn't you Jon but Hazel was reading every word you spoke and just look at the result. Congrats.

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