Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting fruity with Bush and Blair

I spent Saturday selling rotten tomatoes to people to throw at Bush and Blair... Not the actual politicians, unfortunately, but cartoons of them drawn by Doreen Zerdin. Doreen is a talented artist and a Lib Dem member in Ealing Common. This took place at 'Paddy's Party' an annual Lib Dem fundraising event on Turnham Green in Chiswick and we gave two thirds of the money raised to a Landmine charity.

It was environmentally sound as well, as the fruit was boxes of left over stock from the wholesale fruit and veg market at Western International Market in Southall which would have been thrown away if David and Doreen Zerdin hadn't persuaded the Market to let them have it. Tomatoes and figs made the best missiles. A guy from one of the other stalls even took away the squashed tomatoes that had been used as ammunition at the end of the day so that he could try to grow tomato plants for next year from the seeds!

I took the photos here, and this one shows from left to right John Mitchell (Secretary of Ealing Southall Lib Dems), Doreen and David Zerdin and Nigel Bakhai (Vice-Chair of Ealing Lib Dems).

Traditionally we've done bottle stalls at these fundraising events, but it was great to do something that was both fun and had a bit of a political element instead!